Jr./Sr. High School – Oneida, NY
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A NAPCIS Member School

When designing the curriculum, we begin by asking these questions: 

  • How will this class lead the student to discover Truth, Beauty, and Goodness?  
  • How can this class assist the student in his overall development as a person?  
  • What is it that we intend to accomplish specifically, and what resources are needed?  
  • Will the successful student grow both academically and spiritually through what is learned in this course?

Class materials and text books are used to support the concepts and goals of the course.  Most classes draw from a variety of sources including Classical materials, home school programs, quality Catholic school and public school materials, and teachers' personal resources.

The sequence of classes taken generally follows most other schools, and the material covered prepares the student to perform well on standard tests and NYS Regents exams, should the student choose to take them.  These exams are relatively small hurdles for the student, since Holy Cross covers more material and prepares students to think logically and efficiently.  We do not teach with the goal of high achievement on State exams, but this naturally follows due to the challenges created by our own higher standards and expectations. Holy Cross Academy has not adopted the Common Core curriculum.

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