Jr./Sr. High School – Oneida, NY
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A NAPCIS Member School

Are you looking for a paid teaching position? We would be happy to receive and review resumes.

Ideal candidates are practicing Catholics who love the Faith, who have the ability to present course material from the Catholic perspective, and who can engage and mentor students by their good example and with a joyful spirit. These qualifications are primary.

Positions can be tailored to the applicants' strengths, interests, and availability. Please inquire about any current or future openings.

Pay is modest and varies depending upon workload and responsibilities, but you will love it here at HCA!

Positions Available:
Communications Coordinator - part-time
Development Coordinator - part-time or full-time
High School Math Teacher - Fall 2019
Assistant to the Principal
  • Current Opportunities

  • Send CV or resume to Board of Trustees President Daniel Miller: djmdjmiller@verizon.net

    Holy Cross Academy
    4020 Barrington Rd
    Oneida, NY 13421

    315.363.1669 - phone
    315.280.6715 - fax

    E-mail Holy Cross Academy (holycrossacademy@yahoo.com)

    Have you considered offering your time and talents as a volunteer? As Holy Cross Academy grows, we always welcome more help. Opportunities include teaching, lunch help, study hall monitoring, tutoring, office work, fundraising, and maintenance.