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  HCA Choirs Take First Place at Darien Lake
Music Festival

ONEIDA CASTLE, NY (June 7, 2011) – The Holy Cross Academy choirs and band made a fine showing at this year’s Darien Lake Music Festival, taking first place in two of the five categories they participated in on Saturday.

The HCA Select Choir poses with their 1st Place Trophy from the Darien Lake Music Festival

HCA competed in five categories: Class A band, chamber choir, women's choir, middle school choir, and high school mixed choir.

The Select Choir won the Chamber Choir category, while the Women’s Ensemble took first place in the Women’s Choir category. The Senior High Choir finished in third place as a High School Mixed Choir. The Band and Junior High Choir both made strong showings while finishing outside the top three.

This is the third consecutive year HCA has travelled to Darien Lake to compete, once again under the direction of Mr. Scott Rutledge and accompanied by Mrs. Jolene Nelson.

The following students also earned special recognition for solo performances: Rose Judge (7th grade); Robert vanLieshout (10th grade); Ben Vanderhoof (10th grade); Anna Judge (9th grade). Jon Noble (11th grade) and Josh Herter (10th grade) received recognition for accompanying the Select Choir on bass and acoustic guitar, respectively.

“These kids have an energy and spirit that is so inspiring to me. The improvement that they have shown is incredible,” said Scott Rutledge. “To compete against some of the very best music departments in New York State is also tremendously motivating to us all.”

“Excellence comes from a dynamic partnership between innovative, passionate teachers, students who give 110% every rehearsal, and parents who have instilled in their kids the desire and work ethic essential to be great,” Rutledge continued.

The HCA Select Choir will sing the National Anthem at Alliance Bank Stadium on Tuesday, June 28 at 7pm prior to the game between the Syracuse Chiefs and the Indianapolis Indians. The evening is being promoted as “Holy Cross Academy of Oneida Night.”