Jr./Sr. High School – Oneida, NY
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A NAPCIS Member School

It is essential for the Catholic family to grow in a Christian mentality and preserve its Catholic identity, and this is strengthened through participation in a truly Catholic Community. Such a community is being developed here at Holy Cross Academy. It is an extension of the family, joining those with common tradition, beliefs, and goals, and a perfect complement to Homeschooling.

The curriculum emphasizes our Western and Christian heritage, and is rooted in the major subjects of the Liberal Arts. At Holy Cross Academy, all subject matter is unified through its foundation in the truth, enlightened by the Catholic Faith. Students are whole persons – mind, body and soul – and a balanced formation of all aspects of the person is essential.   Students will learn to develop as rational beings: how to reason, think logically and make sound judgments in all aspects of life. They will also learn to develop as spiritual beings: how to make correct moral decisions, grow closer to God, and develop a deeper love for the Faith, the Sacraments, and their neighbor. 

The vision of Holy Cross Academy is to instill an appreciation for the rich culture of the Catholic Church and expose students to elements of classic works.

The work accomplished today in our youth will generate the fruits and rewards of tomorrow.